Free service for microphone test and voice recording online

Press the button to start testing the microphone.

Testing and recording takes place only on your computer, the site does not transmit or store anything on the server.
Connecting to a microphone on a computer

Click "Allow" to proceed to the microphone test.

If you see a sound wave traveling on the screen, then your microphone is working fine, in case of any problems please scroll down.

How to test a microphone online

Start testing the microphone

You do not need to download any additional software to start the microphone test, just click on the "Start Microphone Test" button. The test will be performed in your browser online.

Allow access to the device

To test the device, you must grant access to it by selecting the (Allow) button in the pop-up window.

Your microphone works correctly

Say a few phrases, if you see sound waves on the screen during speech, it means your microphone is working. In addition, these recorded sounds can be output to speakers or headphones.

Your microphone does not work

If the microphone does not work, do not despair; check the possible causes listed below. The problem may not be so serious.

Benefits of


By seeing the sound wave on the screen, you can conclude that the microphone is working properly.

Recording and playback

To evaluate microphone quality, you can record and then play back the recorded sound.


Testing takes place without downloading or installing additional programs and takes place directly in your browser.


The microphone test site is completely free, no hidden fees, activation fees, or additional feature fees.


We guarantee the security of our application. Everything you record is available only to you: nothing is uploaded to our servers for storage.

Ease of use

Intuitive interface without complicating the voice recording process! Simple and maximum efficiency!

Some tips for testing a microphone

Choose the least noisy location, this may be the room with the fewest windows to reduce interference from any outside noise.
Hold the microphone 6-7 inches from your mouth. If you hold the microphone closer or farther away, the sound will either be quiet or distorted.

Possible microphone problems

The microphone is not connected

The microphone may simply not be connected to your computer or the plug is not fully inserted. Try reconnecting the microphone.

The microphone is used by another application

If an application (such as Skype or Zoom) is using the microphone, the device may not be available for testing. Close the other programs and try testing the microphone again.

The microphone is disabled in the settings

The device may be working but be disabled in the operating system settings. Check the system settings and turn on the microphone.

Microphone access is disabled in the browser

You have not allowed microphone access to our site. Reload the page and select the (Allow) button in the pop-up window.